Instructional Video

For the last couple of weeks, my peers and I in my EDUC 422 class have all become movie makers as we all have embarked on this journey of making instructional videos for the class room. I worked with my peers Caitlin Timney and Liz Garcia in order to complete this task. This was by far the most demanding assignment so far in my EDUC 422 class. The time and planning it took to complete a 4 minute and 30 second video was unbelievable. I can see now why some educators can be completely against the entire idea of the flipped classroom model, especially if each video were to be this involved while making. The process of making this instructional video really involved almost all areas of the ISTE standards for teachers in one way or another. I feel that for every process involved with the making of the instructional video, we touched on one of the ISTE standards.

Please enjoy our instructional video below! It is a video about plural nouns and it is aims toward the Kindergarten demographic. Please let me know what you think!


Instructional Video Pitch and Story Board

After watching the video, please make sure to fill out the Google Form



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