Recently in my EDUC 422 class we were given the assignment of creating WebQuests. The WebQuest that my partner and I created was on Stranger Awareness and it was geared toward lower level Special Education students. Creating the WebQuest was somewhat complicated, but completely doable. It was essentially the first ever lesson plan that I have ever created. For this assignment we also worked with fellow partners in our class who were planning on teaching the same subject material. Working with a partner can be challenging sometimes because communication can get mixed up. My partner and I agreed to make our WebQuest through Google Docs. It was very convenient for both of us and our busy schedules to break up the work and work together on the online platform. Once I was completed with my portion of the assignment, my partner completed her portion and then decided to present our WebQuest via Google Slides. I feel that this was a huge missed opportunity for myself and learning how to use Google Slides. Don’t get me wrong, I think that our WebQuest turned out really awesome and was very visually appealing. But I can’t help but feel a little bummed that I missed out being part of the decision to change the tech tool we were using and missing the opportunity to learn about a new tech tool as well. In the future, I would like to try to make another WebQuest and have a bit more control over the decisions of it.

As part of this assignment we were also tasked with viewing our fellow classmates WebQuests. After completing our assignment and participating in my fellow classmates WebQuests, I can say that I enjoyed the concept of WebQuests very much. I think that it is a great way to utilize the internet to learn about different topics. I think that overall I found all the WebQuests to be very engaging and helpful. I participated in a few WebQuests about the Solar system and one very interesting one on the cycle of water. These topics were very appropriate for the WebQuest. There were some topics that I personally thought the WebQuest format didn’t help me learn the material very well. For example, I reviewed a WebQuest on learning Spanish. Learning a foreign language is very difficult and I thought that having it in this setting was perhaps not fitting for it. It made me realize that for my future classes I will need to be very observant and aware of the topics that I will be able to teach and not teach utilizing WebQuests. I think most of all WebQuests is a great teaching tool that teaches students how to utilize the internet which is a vital piece of technology to master in this day in age.


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