Digital Citizenship

According to Mike Ribble, “it is imperative that you teach them the rules of the digital world, and how to be safe and responsible with technology.” Ribble is referring to the importance of teaching students the proper use of technology and how to be an appropriate citizens of the digital world.

As part of our assignment in my education technology class, we needed to make a presentation using one of the tech tools that we have learned about in class. I decided to utilize Prezi since I am a little more familiar with it compared to other tech tools such as Piktochart and Powtoon. I wanted to make my Prezi as if it were for one of my future classes. I tried my best to make it fun and interactive and possibly from the perspective of a high school level/college level class. I want to teach Special Education, but I don’t feel like I have the tools yet or resources to be able to make a presentation from that perspective. Plus the information is very technical and would require more technology knowledge in order to understand. Take a look at my Prezi below and let me know what you think?

Don’t forget to click on the link!




4 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship

  1. Hi Jeanmarvick,

    Awesome Prezi! I like how you made digital citizenship into a world adventure. It definitely looks like an informative presentation for high school students. Don’t forget to add 3 tips for each element as it looks like Professor Falcone will be looking for that when she grades our assignments!

    – Cherifer


  2. Hi Jeanmarvick! I have to give you props, I couldn’t figure out Press for the life of me! You made it look very professional, and you included all of the information! Looked great! =)


  3. Hey there! I thought your Prezi was stellar! I’m always so fascinated by them and yours was no different. You included all that she asked for and made it fun to see what was next. Great job!



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