Wait….What is ISTE?

For a break down what ISTE is, please check out my Prezi presentation below!

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How would you rate your skills/knowledge for each of the standards?

I would have to say overall I would rate myself on the lower range in terms of my skills and knowledge of these standards. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being low and 10 being high, most of my answers on the self evaluation sheet were on the 1-3 range with a few scores in the 10 range.

I have some experience facilitating and hopefully inspiring student learning and creativity. In the past I have been an AVID mentor to middle school students, it was always a challenge coming up with new and exciting ways to teach math to the students I was tutoring, but somehow I managed by playing games.

I have a lot of experience in professional growth and leadership in my previous work history. I have always made it a point to learn as much as I can about a position and then more. I have also engaged in different leadership opportunities when they were presented to me, so that I could expand more on my own leadership skills. I did this because it was important to me to be a successful leader in any capacity.

Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility. I think this is an area that I can definitely become better at. What comes to mind when I hear this standard is the appropriate use of social media. I think as an educator, you have to be that much more mindful of the content you are sharing/liking or commenting on the internet. As an educator you are much more susceptible to put yourself in danger of getting reprimanded if you aren’t careful. So I think this standard is a good reminder to us all to be mindful of the content we put on the internet.

Design and develop digital age learning experiences/assessments and model digital age work and learning are definitely two standards I need the most improvement on, since I have the least amount of experience in these areas.

I did not know that there were standards in place for the use of technology for teachers. It makes sense to hold teachers all accountable to the same standards so that technology is being utilized the same way by all educators. It is my hope that after taking EDUC 422, I can be a bit more versed in technology and utilize what I learn in my own classroom one day. I hope that I can also take these standards that we have learned and apply them to my best of my ability as well.

What are you looking forward to learning the most in EDUC 422?


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